November 11th, 2005


- Мам, а почему у папы так мало волос?
- Потому что он много думает.
- А
почему у тебя так много?
- Замолчи и ешь!
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3D digital skin

Angelina Jolie has been set to star in
"Beowulf", the performance-capture
adaptation to be directed by Robert Zemeckis. Release Date: November 21st, 2007

To ensure that every nuance of Angelina's every facial expression was recorded, over 150 sensors were strategically glued onto Angelina's face. Around 50 more sensors were added to Angeline's body suit to capture all of her movements from all angles. Each of these 200 sensors on Angelina's face mask and body suit recorded and layered a 3-D digital skin to use as a base for animators to work with. This process was developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks and is known as performance-capture (an amped-up version of motion-capture that uses sensors to digitally record an actor's every movement - even the slightest smile).

 (for a set of images.)

1) 150 датчиков следят за мимикой лица и движениями головы и 50 за остальными частями тела - с большим интересом посмотрел  бы за процессом motion-capture  performance-capture. 
2) Neil Gaiman & Robert Zemeckis - какие связки пошли интересные - никак после удачного примера сотрудничества  Frank Miller (debut) & Robert
Rodriguez в "Sin City".

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Настоящие программисты не исправляют чужих ошибок.
Они убивают их собственными.