May 19th, 2021

Dragon King / Hellboy (2019)

"...The French geophysicist Didier Sornette has defined a “dragon king” as an event so extreme that it lies outside a power-law
distribution. He finds examples in six domains: city sizes, acoustic emissions associated with material failure, velocity increments
in hydrodynamic turbulence, financial drawdowns, the energies of epileptic seizures in humans and animals, and (possibly)
earthquakes. Dragon kings, he argues, are “extreme events that are statistically and mechanistically different from the rest of
their smaller siblings.” They “exhibit a degree of predictability, because they are associated with mechanisms expressed
differently than for the other events. Often, dragon-kings are associated with the occurrence of a phase transition, bifurcation,
catastrophe, tipping point, whose emergent organization produces useful precursors.”  It is not clear, however, how far such
precursors can reliably be identified before the dragon king strikes..."

Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe - Niall Ferguson (2021)
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