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Статья в "The Time" (октябрь 1801г.) года про убийство Павла I. Никаких "апоплексических ударов", цензурных запретов (на территори Российской империи до 1905г. цензурировались любые публикации, где был бы намёк на насильственную смерть императора). Затрагивается внешняя политика Павла I, идущая вразрез с интересами Великобритании.

Левая колонка:

The "Clef du Cabinet" of the 24-th contain the following information respecting the death of the late Emperor Paul:
It was at the moment when the English had passed the Sound, that Paul I was assasinated in the midst of his Court.
The plot has been formed some months before in the house of Subow`s Aunt, for it seems that women are destined to take a part in all great catastrophes that occur in Russia. An English Colonel was the soul of the conspiracy, and furnished she means for forming and keeping together the party that was connected with it. Subow and Pahlen, the favorites of Paul I were the chiefs of it; and by means of the situations they held they easily carried in into execution.
The particulars of this bloody tragedy are well known. No pains were taken to conceal them. The nephew of Subow ,
who had been sent by then to Berlin to announce the accession of Alexander, and who has since been disgraced as
well as they , was heard publicly to talk of assassination, as is it was an event that happened several ages before.
It is said, that the plan of the conspirators was to have gone no farther than forcing the Emperor to abdicate the
throne; but it is know who were the instigators and actors in this catastrophe.
The death of Paul led to the dissolution of Northern Coalition. In vain can it be said that the Armistice of
Copenhagen had produced that effect. It is true, that Armistice opened the Baltic to the English; but the Russian and
Swedish squadron have nothing to fear at Cronstadt or Carlserona; and Denmark had no time to make preparations for
defence. What advantage could the English derive from being masters of the Baltic during the frost, when all the
ports of the Continent must have been shut against them?

Paul the First, in concert with France, would have struck the most fatal blow against that nation. He had already
intimated to the Courts of Naples and Lisbon to separate them selves from England; and that he would continue
to protect them if they desired it. The Porte not having attended to the advice given her not to co-operate with the
English in their expedition against Egypt, a numerous army was marching towards Turkey. Paul I had formed the project
of attacking the British Empire in India. This project did not present insurmountable difficulties, if it was
considered that the French, who were to have acted in concert with the Russian, were masters of Egypt; and that a
Russian army was already on the borders of the Caspian Sea.
Thus far says the Clef du Cabinet; and there is no doubt but such was the project of these two virtuous men,
"formed by nature to appreciate each other.” Letters by the last Hamburgh Mail confirm the behes that such was
their scheme of partitioning our dominions in the East; and indeed there is reason to believe that, the Chief Consul
did not altogether abandon his hopes after the death of Paul, but that he endeavoured to seduce the present
Sovereign to perform a part of the same plan, by ostering to place him on the Throne of Turkey. This is said
to have been one of the objects of Duroc's mission to Petersburgh; and it is well known to have been rejected.
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