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Hamburg Philharmonic Hall

Новый Филармонический зал в Гамбурге с гостиницой и аппартаментами класса люкс будет построен на здании бывшего портового склада по проекту щвейцарских архитекторов Herzog & de Meuron. Красивые виды на Эльбу и центр Гамбурга прилагаются.

Swiss-based Herzog & de Meuron is designing a new Philharmonic Hall for Hamburg, Germany, burgeoning out of an old factory warehouse.

The brick warehouse, called the Kaispeicher A, was built in the 1960’s and chiefly stored cocoa beans until it closed at the end of the 20th century. The firm says it will make it the "point of departure" for the new hall, which will be stacked on top of it, and connected by a central lobby.

The hall, which will house a 2,400 seat concert hall and 500 seat chamber music hall, will also house a 200-room luxury hotel and 21 luxury apartments. Its new portions will be cladded with a grid-pattern of three-dimensional square openings, and the rising forms of its undulating roof, the firm says, are inspired by the hall’s musical vibrations. The factory house, meanwhile, will maintain its original facade structure and house much of the new facilities.

The entire complex, along the warehouse docks on the Elbe River, willl occupy over 700,000 square-feet, and is a focal point of Hamburg’s effort to transform its central harbor.

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